Collaborative Wiki (Discussion 4.1): Curriculum Clearinghouse Wiki: Curriculum Development Approaches


5 – Target

3 – Acceptable

1 – Unacceptable
Candidate worked collaboratively and contributed each required component to the group Wiki as follows:
  • Created or expanded the description of at least one curriculum approach
  • Contributed at least one article, essay, website, or online book about the curriculum approach
  • Contributed at least one strategy or idea for implementing the curriculum approach
In addition to indicators in the Acceptable column, the candidate’s Wiki contributions are exemplary in all aspects of quality (including both mechanics of writing and clarity/ insightfulness of thinking), are thoroughly developed, and exceed expectations.
The candidate contributes the required components to the collaborative Wiki. The contributions are well developed, of good quality (may include very few errors in mechanics), and show clarity of thinking. Contributions fully meet expectations for graduate-level work, including academic writing and organization.
The candidate’s Wiki contributions are superficially developed, of minimally acceptable quality (may include a few errors in mechanics and inconsistent clarity in thinking), and/or lag behind expectations for graduate-level work.

Must be revised and resubmitted because one or more required element(s) are missing.