Welcome to the Week 4 Discussion!
Discussion D4.1: Collaborative Wiki: Curriculum Clearinghouse Wiki: Curriculum Development Approaches
As an individual educator, you may not always have the time to search through all of the resources available to you to learn how to design curriculum. This week, your Learning Resources cover a range of curriculum approaches; however, it is impossible for these resources to provide the depth of information needed for you to learn about the development approaches available to you. Fortunately, there is a powerful tool that can help you build a professional community of educators to share ideas and resources. For this week’s assignment, you will expand your current awareness and understanding of curriculum approaches by developing a Wiki-based resource. This Wiki, which you will develop with your colleagues, will become a functional, evolving repository of information about different curriculum development approaches, as well as resources and strategies for implementing those approaches.
Last week, you received your group assignment and worked with your colleagues to decide which Wiki site you will use, create your accounts, and set up your collaborative workspace, or Wiki. This week, use the Internet, your Learning Resources, and other pertinent resources to gather information about five or more curriculum development approaches. As you develop your group Wiki, work as a team to select the five curriculum approaches you will explore and to decide how you will divide and organize contributions and responsibilities.
Then, organize your Wiki by curriculum approach. Within each approach, include the following sections:
  • Description of the Approach
    • Include main tenets, assumptions, and process steps of the approach and leading proponents or researchers
  • Information Resources
    • Books
    • Journals
    • Websites
    • Other
  • Strategies and Ideas for Implementation Possible topics:
    • What strategies have you read about that support the successful integration of this approach?
    • If you have experience working with the approach, describe possible challenges and benefits of implementing the approach.
    • What should leaders of curriculum development consider when implementing this approach?
By Wednesday, contribute to your group’s Wiki each of the following:
  • Create or expand the description of at least one curriculum approach. If you are adding to a teammate’s description, be sure that your information is essential to understanding the approach and that you are not duplicating any entries made by your colleagues.
  • At least one article, essay, website, or online book that provides information about the curriculum approach
  • Add at least one strategy or idea for implementing the curriculum approach at the school or district level. Use this section as a “discussion board” for group analysis and discussion of the approach.
You will reflect on the information you collected in your group Wiki to help you complete this week’s Application Assignment: Leadership Plan Part Four: Selecting a Curriculum Development Approach.

Note to Candidates: Some of your teammates, including you, may be inexperienced at using a Wiki. Part of the intent of this assignment is to provide an experience with a technology that supports collaboration and communication. Please keep this in mind as you work on your Wiki; frustration and discomfort with a new technology is often part of the learning process, but you will develop skills you can use in your current setting. Do not be afraid to lean on your colleagues and Instructor for support.

Suggestions for Wiki include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Tyler Model
  • Taba Model
  • Backward Design Model (UbD)
  • Curriculum Mapping Model
  • Deliberation Model (non-scientific)
  • Brain-Based Learning?
  • Combination of Approaches