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Information and Resources
Strategies and Ideas
Sarah Peacock
Analyzing School Culture (Survey, Evaluate)
  • blog
  • surveys
  • interviews
  • observations
  • school website
  • video conferencing
  • email
  • wiki
  • newsletters
  • collaborative action plan
  • Wiki spaces enables PLC and promotes change in schools.
  • Videos conferencing enables communication and learning without time spent traveling.
  • Newsletter enables communication and support to parents and others within the community.
  • Collaborative action plans enables communication as to what needs to be done.
Brandi Anderson
Data Management
(Collect, Organize,
Analyze, Share)
  • Observations
  • Surveys
  • Interviews
  • Excel
  • Portfolio
  • Graph/Chart
  • iPod/iPad
  • Excel
  • Powerpoint
  • Mimio
  • Observations, surveys, and interviews are excellent ways to collect data.
  • Teachers use an excel spreadsheet as a way to organize data on one sheet. Portfolios are also a way to organize data over time.
  • Data can be analyzed in a graph or chart.
  • Effective ways to share data may be end an email that can be retrieved on the go with a mobile device or perhaps through a powerpoint or mimio presentation.
Senetra Haywood
Developing Curriculum
(Write, Manage Documents)
  • Internet Document Storage
  • Templates
  • Online Presentations
  • Collaborative Publishing
  • Wikis
  • Open Source Curriculum (OSC)
  • Allows teachers to share instructional content
  • Draws on the knowledge of other professionals within content areas
  • Collaborative sharing/planning
  • Share instructional strategies/activities
  • Store instructional documents that can be shared as curriculum is being developed
Rebecca Webster
Professional Development
(Implement Curriculum,
Train Educators)
  • Webinars
  • Online presentations
  • Internet Doc. Storage
  • Pod Casts
  • Virtual Learning
  • Collaborative Publishing
  • Many professional teaching associations offer video transcripts and accompanying materials from conferences to their members who are unable to attend, but want to stay current on best practices. Educators can watch at their own convenience
  • Online presentations via sites like Slideshare or Prezi offer a way to publish presentation materials online to be accessed by the public or through invitations. Voice threads or Podcasts can be embedded to enhance the learning experience.
  • Google docs. are another way to publish materials and also allow for collaboration between members of a learning group.
  • Podcasts are audio recordings that can be listened to via the computer, a smartphone, or even an Mp3 player and allows teachers to be mobile and learn on the go.
  • Moodle allows for the creation of a virtual learning environment where educators can meet simultaneously or asynchronously to participate in professional development and collaborate on curriculum development or other desired topics
  • Collaborative publishing on a site such as a Wiki allows for professional development leaders to publish relevant material and participants to interact with it individually as well as collaboratively.
Vanessa Childs
Professional Learning Communities
(Communicate, Collaborate)
  • email (fast, private, documentation of messages)
  • televised messages on classroom monitors
  • telephone/intercom connections
  • Palm Pilots, Black Berries, cellphones
  • Wikis
  • school website postings
  • cost-free blogging: BlogSpot, Typepad, Edublogs, Blogger
  • Google documents
  • PLC blogs to communicate with parents - as they are also part of the professional learning community.
  • School Websites allow digital newsletters with the option to print for those who prefer a hardcopy. PLCs can use this to gain and maintain parent involvement and support.
  • Google Documents can allow group note-taking during PLC discussions in which members can collaboratively and actively take notes - when using a different font color, a member’s notes can be identified for participation and accountability
  • Ungoing blogging documents promote and communicate to parents/community: lunch menus and events: field trips, school meetings, family nights, and building remodeling projects.
  • Podcasts can be used as a more personalized blogging from school staff member to PLC parents and students.